CB - Coração Bobo

The swimwear that lets you tan

An advance in textile industry by letting an uniform and tanned skin


Do you dream of having your whole body tanned without tan lines?

Our fabric allows the transmission of solar rays 5x more than common lycra, minimizing the usual tan lines. It is equal to a constant Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 10.

Do you want to wear swimwear and not have a white belly?

Thanks to the advanced technology of the fabric, which allows the transmission of solar rays, it is now possible. Thus, there are no longer reasons not to wear swimsuits or to use multiple bikinis with different designs. Swimsuit is an elegant piece that makes the female body slimmer. However, if we ask the vast majority of women why they do not wear a swimsuit, the most common answer is:"I don’t wear a swimsuit because I want to get tanned an don't have a white belly!". And, for this reason, it is a piece of cloth that clearly fits our goals.

Are you looking for super comfortable swimwear that dries in 5 minutes?

Due to the porosity of our fabric, the water retention reduces significativelly which allows your Coração Bobo swimwear to dry quicker. Say goodbye to the unpleasent feeling of being wet because you no longer have to wait hours to dry.